I study Computer Science and Video Game Development at Plymouth University in the South West of England and am currently taking part in a placement year developing software at the company PCMS Group.

Throughout my education I have primarily been exposed to C#; during college I used it to develop Windows WPF applications and throughout my degree I have been using it to develop video games and game mechanics in the Unity game engine. Other languages my degree has required to me pick up include Java, C/C++, and Javascript.

Alongside my education I have continued to refine my development skills in my free time, this has been though the creation of WPF applications as well as teaching myself PHP and using it to create Skills for Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. All personal projects can be found on this portfolio website.

My placement year has been a priceless opportunity for me to gain valuable skills. Working primarily with Java, I now have a genuine understanding for how software development companies function, how to properly utilise work-flow methodologies like SCRUM, and have vastly improved my development skills in areas like test-driven development, integration testing, and object-orientated development.

I am familiar with all standard version control functionalities, having used Git for working alone as well as with others, and also having used Mercurial for projects during my placement year.