I study Computer Science and Video Game Development at Plymouth University in the South West of England and I am looking for a year long placement in industry starting September 2018.

I have been programming since 2012 when I got a Raspberry Pi and was introduced to Python 3 and IDLE. After just over a year of learning Python and programming fundamentals, I started college and was introduced to C# and XAML code where I started to develop WPF Windows applications in Visual Studio.

After college I moved to Plymouth (where I am now) to study at University. Here half my modules are steered towards making video games including game programming and game asset development. The other half of my modules are pure computer science where I’m developing a higher standard of more general programming practices as well as learning boarder computer science topics.

On the Personal Projects page of this portfolio, you can see some projects I have since made in my free time. Most are written in C# and are mostly Windows graphical programs/tools. Some more recent projects are also Amazon Alexa Skills written in PHP.

On the University Projects page of this portfolio, you can see all the projects I have developed as part of my university course. These are a mix of Windows console/graphical programs and also games developed using the Unity game engine.

All downloadable projects install and add a shortcut to the user’s start menu under either ‘Toby’s Programs’ or ‘Toby’s Games’. If you wish to do so, they can all be uninstalled via the Windows control panel uninstall page.