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Software Developer at PCMS Group and a Computer Science student at Plymouth University



These are projects from my college era, this means they are simplistic in design and function. They do not reflect my abilities and are only on my portfolio to server as an archive.

Work Tracker

This program can be used to keep track of the user’s upcoming work shifts. Days are added one week at a time, Sunday to Saturday, and contain two text boxes, each for start and end time.

8 Puzzle

This is one of the simple 8 puzzle games most people have come across where the objective of the game is to move the 8 puzzle pieces around in a 3 by 3 grid in order to form a pattern.


While making a side-project which needed to write a particular file to a folder over and over again I developed this program to read files and output them as streams of bytes to text files.

Binary Converter

This tool can be used to translate ASCII characters into their binary equivalent as well as strings of binary back into characters. There is also a different mode to convert numbers between 0 and 255 to binary and back as well.


This is a small, fun program which constantly downloads and then displays images of cats. The Cat images are taken from the website


This program allows the user to have a Google Calendar on the desktop of their computer by asking the user to input the HTML code for a Google Calendar widget and then showing the result.


This program can be used to keep track of incrementing numbers. It’s particularly useful to keep track of numbers over a period of time because it can just sit on the users desktop and won’t get in the way. 

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