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Shooter Unknown

Blog posts I wrote while I developed my second year project “Shooter Unknown”

Shooter: Unknown

This is a Unity game which I made as part of the second year of my degree where the objective is to shoot all the targets as quickly as possible.

Week #9

My aim for the last week was to develop the menu system for my game. I started out with the main menu as this is the core of the menu system – currently it now looks like this: The buttons… Continue Reading →

Week #8

I spent the whole of the last week animating paths for the targets and have come up with the following rough path guide: About half the targets aren’t active when the game starts however, they only appear when other targets… Continue Reading →

Week #7

The targets shoot back! This shows the nearest target shooting at the player and the spread of their shots. The red lines are successful hits. This shows the furthest away target shooting at the player, you can see that they’re… Continue Reading →

Week #5

No full update this week as university work was heavy in other modules – I do however finally have a name for my game! Having spent the last month calling this project “Unnamed Shooter” I used that is inspiration for… Continue Reading →

Week #3

During the last week not much progress has been made on game play as I was waiting for feedback from the demo session in class for feedback on where I should take the game. One thing that I did do… Continue Reading →

Week #2

Another week into development of the game mechanic and targets are now in the first level. Initially they were 1x1x1 cubes but have also been upgraded to 1x2x1 mannequin figures in the last week. Targets increment the players score when… Continue Reading →

Game Proposal

As this game is made for one of my university modules I’m also making documentation for it to be submitted. Today I handed in a proposal document for my game and I decided to also publish it here. The document… Continue Reading →

Week #1

Initial progress has been quick as I managed to add all the controls to my player while I was testing ideas. Currently the player can: Walk Strafe Sprint Jump Crouch Scope up/out Shoot Currently the player fires with raycasts and… Continue Reading →

Initial Concept

Concept You’re a player in a map where targets randomly appear and you need to shoot them all as quickly as possible. Different levels will focus on different skills; one might focus on long range shooting and keep the player… Continue Reading →

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