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Software Developer at PCMS Group and a Computer Science student at Plymouth University


While making a side-project which needed to write a particular file to a folder over and over again I developed this program to read files and output them as streams of bytes to text files.

This meant my project could write the bytes to the folder to place the file. Once I completed the side-project I developed this further to make it more user-friendly.

Program Features:

  • Can convert many files at once
  • Conversions take place on a separate thread to keep the UI responsive
  • Customise the delimiter and add prefixes or suffixes to the byte streams

Developer Skills:

Because this program can be set to operate on large files I developed this program with a BackgroundWorker tool to process the data. This has been a great skill to learn to ensure I can always keep my UI responsive. While aesthetically pleasing, a responsive UI also allows the user to see the programs progress via a progress bar and to cancel the processing if they want to.

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