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Software Developer at PCMS Group and a Computer Science student at Plymouth University

Work Tracker

This program can be used to keep track of the user’s upcoming work shifts. Days are added one week at a time, Sunday to Saturday, and contain two text boxes, each for start and end time.

The user can choose to either have free will to type whatever they like into the text boxes or they can enforce them to only contain text matching a Regular Expression. The default Regex given by this program allows any 24hr time to be typed in. When a week has passed the user can then remove it whenever they wish.

Program features:

  • User can choose to remove the program from the taskbar while open
  • Past weeks are archived rather than deleted
  • Can be set to open on Windows startup

Development skills:

Developing this program was my first proper experience with Regular Expressions. I have used them before but had only ever taken them from the internet, this was my first time creating one. This program was also the first time I used the Visual Studio Installer Projects extension to publish my work – all other projects previous launched with ClickOnce but have since also been updated.

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