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Apocalypse Z

survivor-idle_shotgun_0I made this as part of my university course: Computer Science and Video Games Development, and was for the first year module AINT152.

Apocalypse Z is a top-down zombie shooter made using Unity and C#. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible killing zombies to earn enough currency to buy weapons, restore health, barricade zombie entry points, and unlock new rooms.

This project can be found on the indie game hosting website here

Game features:

  • You’re trapped inside an empty building
  • Zombies are coming in from all directions
  • They can break into the building but you cannot escapeĀ out
  • Kills zombies to live as well as to increase your score
  • This can be spent directly on:
    • Barricading zombie entry points
    • Unlocking doors to gain access to other rooms
    • Buying new guns
    • Restoring your health
  • Leaderboard positions are ranked by length of time survived (and number of kills to tiebreak)

Development Skills:

This was my first game I have made using the Unity game engine so it was quite a drop into the deep-end. Having finished the project now I feel comfortable to make on to more advanced

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