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Software Developer at PCMS Group and a Computer Science student at Plymouth University

Data Miner

This project was made as part of my university course: Computer Science and Video Games Development, and was for the module SOFT152. This program takes data files containing sales records and represents the data in 5 different graphs. The program also allows you to look up sales by invoice numbers or customer numbers. As additional features, we also included the ability to change the graph bar colours and the ability to print the graph. Example data files can be downloaded here.

Program features:

  • Graphs scale appropriately as the window is resized
  • Data is loaded into the program through a separate thread to keep the UI responsive

Development Skills:

Developing this program strengthened my skills working with BackgroundWorkers to keep the UI responsive while handling large sets of data. This project also uses UserControls to represent customers and invoices in the search results and has made me more confident to use them in the future when I need repeating content.

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