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Software Developer at PCMS Group and a Computer Science student at Plymouth University

Shooter: Unknown

This is a Unity game which I made as part of the second year of my degree where the objective is to shoot all the targets as quickly as possible.The project itself had a very open-ended specification and I was within reason free to make any 3D game I wanted so long as it was based around a single game mechanic; I chose a sniping mechanic as it’s often a role I enjoy to play myself.

While I was free to make a game centred around a PvP mechanic if I wanted to, I chose to use a PvE type game focusing on improving one’s sniping skills by shooting at targets. This results in a game without a narrative or specific characters but rather an arcade-style game where players compete for a singleplayer high-score one after another.

In Shooter: Unknown, this idea of competing for the highest score is taken a step further than simply competing with the people in the same room as you with the implementation of a global leader-board system. With this, player’s scores are sent to a server and compared to the global top 10 scores meaning there’s a much greater number of people to beat but also a greater feeling to achieving a ranked high-score.

Game features:

  • You’re sniping from within a watch tower down into a map of moving targets
  • Your bullets drop over distance as well as take small amounts of time to travel
  • You need to shoot all of the targets, how you do it is up to you:
    • Quick and easy, or slow but precise
  • Shooting near a target will temporarily alert the target of your location and it will fire back at you
    • Getting hit by 3 bullets in quick succession will kill you
    • To avoid return fire you can crouch behind cover at the expense of time
  • More points are earned for more skilful kills like head-shots, no-scopes, and quick-scopes
  • You have unlimited ammo – but reloading times will factor into your time

Development Skills:

This was my first project developing in Unity 3D and had given me great experience manipulating objects in 3D space. I have also enjoyed combining the development of a game with the more general programming practices I have been learning in other modules. This has resulted in an large improvement in the planning and structure of my programs as well as the quality of my algorithms and logic. Other aspects of specially game development which this module has seen me improve in are animating and sound. Both started out weak at the beginning of the project but over a few iterations they for sure improved to a level I am proud of.

Should the module have continued on for longer I would have swapped out some of the sourced assets in my project with models and textures I would have made myself. While I wasn’t comfortable with doing these things from the outset of development, work I have had to produce for another module running parallel to this one has changed that and I now believe I have the skills needed to make assets of a nature somewhere between basic geometry/low-poly and high detail.


This project is hosted on the website and can be viewed or downloaded from the button below. The game is available for Windows in both 32 and 64 bit as well is in installer or standalone format.

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