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Toby Smith

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A list of all my projects; no matter how big, small, or incomplete!


Read Receipt

Emails can often use tricks to know when you open them. Use this website to receive an email attempting to demonstrate this.

TOTP Manager

Generate TOTP secrets and codes to use while making and testing software secured by TOTP MFA/2FA.

Wallet QRAbandoned

Website enabling users to share cryptocurrency wallet address through publicly available profiles

Desktop Applications

FibreJoint ownerIncompleteAbandoned

Fibre is a Git client like no other. You write, collaborate, or download scripts which then become the buttons in the UI, enabling total control and integration.

Right Click Commands

A Windows utility for adding scripts batch or Powershell scripts to the right-click menu within Windows File Explorer

Auto ExtractorIncomplete

Electron app designed to watch directories and automatically extract any newly add zip files

Kallithea Klone

A Windows application which allows users to easily clone multiple Mercurial repositories from Kallithea at once

Android Apps

TOTP Manager

An app-wrapper around the TOTP Manager website I've also made. (See above)

Microsoft Store Apps

TOTP Manager

An desktop app-wrapper around the TOTP Manager website I've also made. (See above)

npm Packages

Generate License FileJoint owner

A CLI and programmatic library which generates a text file containing all of the licences for your production dependencies

License Sorter

A CLI which sorts the JSON output from the npm library license-checker by the license type

NuGet Packages

Di Attributes

Super-small and super-simple library for registering classes with the ASP.NET Core IServiceCollection using attributes

License IdentifiersJoint owner

SPDX-compliant license enum class. Validate and parse all verified SPDX license identifiers from

Icon Picker

A simple interface for showing a dialog which allows the user to select an icon from an .ico, a .exe, or a .dll in .Net Framework WPF applications

GitHub Actions

npm Publish Latest Tag

A Github Action for getting a tag value to supply to the npm publish command so that updates to old major versions don't automatically get given the latest tag

VS Code Extensions

Run In Powershell

VS Code extension to run Powershell scripts in a terminal external to VS Code

Chrome Extensions

Hide Messenger Content

Chrome browser extension to hide the content of your messages on Facebook messenger down the left-hand side. (Complete but not published)

Alexa Skills

Current Moon Phase

Have Alexa tell you the current moon phase in your Alexa Flash Briefing.

Daily Pollen Levels

Have Alexa tell you the daily pollen levels in your Alexa Flash Briefing for any of 16 different locations around the UK

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