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Initial Concept


You’re a player in a map where targets randomly appear and you need to shoot them all as quickly as possible. Different levels will focus on different skills; one might focus on long range shooting and keep the player isolated from the targets, another might put the player up close and in with the targets giving bonus points for skills like quick-scopes or kill streaks. Another possible idea for a level could be putting the player on a moving object like a flatbed truck which follows a specific route around the map.

Currently I plan to give the player an unlimited amount of ammunition per level but the guns capacity can vary between levels so on some more than others reload times can factor into their overall times – especially if they’re inaccurate and reload more often.


As the mechanic requires the user to use a sniper scope the camera is from a first-person perspective. As well as scope up and shoot, the player has most of the controls of your average FPS including walking, strafing, crouching, jumping, and sprinting.

Currently the gun fires perfectly straight without forces like gravity and wind effecting the bullets but I may change this to alter the player’s accuracy on some levels.

So far I have no models in my test scenes and all my GameObjects are generic cubes or cylinders.


So far my tests have been using the standard WASD controls but I plan to also add optional controller inputs and also plan to allow the user to set their own controls in the games options menu.

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