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Week #2

Another week into development of the game mechanic and targets are now in the first level. Initially they were 1x1x1 cubes but have also been upgraded to 1x2x1 mannequin figures in the last week. Targets increment the players score when shot and some targets also spawn in others when hit.

I’ve also added a truck to the map which on on of the levels will move the player around the map.

As well as the first level scene, currently also in the project is an options scene. This currently has very basic options for adjusting gameplay and was included to make the demo of the game easier. After the game demo when the game is in full production this scene will also contain more advanced options for video, audio, and control mapping.

There’s also currently a basic menu menu scene linking the two.

An end of game scene is currently also in the builds but it’s currently very basic. The aim is the update this before the demo session on Friday to include the player’s score and time – as well to have a button back to the main menu.

Current Build

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