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Week #3

During the last week not much progress has been made on game play as I was waiting for feedback from the demo session in class for feedback on where I should take the game.

One thing that I did do was implement a leader board system. While not technically part of the game mechanic I figured having this in the game before the demo session might attract more attention to my game over others as classmates might play against each other. I’m happy to say this worked so well I even had lecturers trying to compete for my high scores.

From the demo session I have drawn the following results from my play-testers:

  • It can be tricky to locate targets on the map
    • This can be solved by either a mini-map or by in-screen icons
      • Icons would be automatic or be addable by the player
      • Icons could be visible either when scoped in or out but probably shouldn’t be both
  • Targets should move as well as hide/show
  • Targets should shoot back
  • Probably through inaccurate full-auto fire
  • Civilian ‘targets’ are probably a good idea
  • The grass texture needs breaking up
    • I had plans for this anyway
  • Bullet drop would add another level of skill

Over the next week I plan to improve the targets to reflect the demo session. They have already all been given guns and, when triggered, can point them at the player. Next will be to make them fire in full-auto bursts and to have them affect a health system I will implement on the player. The player can already crouch and I will use this to let them hide behind cover for the returned fire.

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