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Toby Smith
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Hey, I'm Toby!

I'm a London-based software developer who likes to focus on web-based technologies.

My programming languages of choice are C# and Typescript with Angular or React; however I'm always keen to pick up new languages and frameworks.

This website is a place for me to write about cool things I find or create.

About Me


Day-to-day I'm a Software Developer for Trayport Ltd at their main London office. I spend my time working on full-stack React apps using technologies like Redux, Entity Framework, and NSwag.

In the past I've been able to work with slightly different technology stacks including tools like Java, MyBatis, Apache Camel, and Angular. I still sometimes use Angular for personal projects where I think it's apropriate.

My education has roots in video game development which means I also have experiences creating projects using both the Unity Game Engine, and OpenGL; though this is no longer where my current interests lie.

My Code

I keep all my code over on my GitHub profile, tobysmith568. My projects are usually public, so feel free to look around.

Projects created as a part of my university degree have been moved over to a separate archive account which can be found at tobysmith568-university.

Projects where I collaborate with others are usually kept in their own GitHub organizations which can also be found on my Profile.

You can click the tags below to see all of my relevant projects across my account and all my organizations:


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