TOTP Manager

An all-in-one testing solution for developers implementing TOTP systems into their software.

TOTP Manager can be used to generate TOTP configurations of all shapes and sizes, as well as generate the codes to use in your software to log in. While most of the TOTP apps only support SHA-1 hashing, 30 seconds time intervals, and 6-digit codes, TOTP Manager allows you to configure all the possibilities found in the TOTP IETF standard.

Read Receipt

Do you know the true harm of simply opening an email?

We're all told to never open spam emails, but lots of us don't see the harm. Surely so long as we don't click any links and we treat all information as untrustworthy then all should be OK?

Well, it's not actually that simple.

Using the Read Receipt web app, you can receive an email containing my implementation of a tracking pixel and when you open it, a second email detailing what information you just gave away!

Wallet QR

A website for sharing your cryptocurrency wallets with others

Wallet QR is a website I created as a part of my final year of university. The core concept behind it is to be a place for users to share their cryptocurrency wallet addresses with others by entering them into publicly available profiles. It's named after QR codes because each added cryptocurrency is displayed with a QR code for ease of use.